Back in July last year I refurbished a set of rear brakes from a 2.8 ready to put them on the car … then put them in away in bags on the shelf while I “just popped over” to France. Turns out I forgot all about them 

Thought it was time I did something  I’ve read up about how to swap them over and what tools I’d be needing for the job and everyone seems to say that it’ll need a slide hammer to get the driveshafts out of the axle/diff after nearly thirty years. Looked in Machine Mart, but they want near fifty quid, the chap in the local “showroom style” motor factors asked “what’s a slide hammer?” when I went looking there, so I thought I’d pop up to the Garstang Autojumble in the morning and see if I could get one a bit cheaper.

Thought I might as well get things prepared beforehand though, as I had some free time, so off came the back wheels, removed the drum and undid the four bolts that both hold the shaft into the axle and the brake backing plate together. On the off chance, gave the hub a bit of a tug to see if there was any movement and it just came loose and out slid the shaft T’other side was almost as easy – just a bit more stuck, so I gave it a tap with the rubber mallet to shock it free and out it slid 

Capri driveshaft removed from rear axle

Capri drive half shaft

Is there anything I should be looking for whilst everything’s apart? The bearings showed no signs of play before I took the wheels off, and seem fine to my untrained eye (they rotate freely, at least wave), the shafts have got no marks on them and the splines are all present and correct. The diff oil is yucky and smelly, but that could just be how it is 


EDIT 12/01/08 : 

sven : Lucky man I had to smack the hell out of an old brake drum to get mine off.

dangerousdave : I go for the steel rim and sledge hammer trick myself 

As for the bearings, you probably wont get much play in them if they are gone as they are a sealed bearing, but the tell tale sign is when they piss oil out all over your inner rims 

Graham : if there wasnt any noticable play in the bearing when you wriggled the wheel around with the car jacked up and you dont get any “wwoor wwoor wwoor” noises form the back end of the car when crusing the bearings are fine, infact its rare to find a worn wheel bearing in a capri axle that has only ever had normal road use

the half shaft splines will take just about anything you can chuck at them from a cossy turbo , so i’d be highly suprised if your pinto had worn them

so just just refit them stu, after a clean of course ,

if it were me i’d just bung em back in, i must have had the halfshafts out my rs 4 or 5 times now, never yet cleaned them, although my axle is an english so perhaps its the dirt holding the shafts togther