Finally finished refurbishing those new rear brakes that I started a couple of weeks ago. Stripped, wire wheeled, worm poisoned, Hammerited and then rebuilt with new cylinders and shoe fitting kit…

Refurbished Capri 2.8i 9 nine inch rear drum brakes

If anyone knows where I can get a pair of the rubber seals that go over the handbrake lever and onto the backing plate, please let me know 

Got a couple of coats of filler primer over the sides where the trim used to be … and over the sills which were looking a bit tatty.

Removing the rubbing strips on the Capri

Lightly sanded with 600 paper then gave it a first light coat of Corsican Blue, with I reckon another couple to follow. It’ll not be the best paintjob ever, mainly as there’ll undoubtedly be an edge where my paint meets the old – no way can I get it on as thick as Ford did  Main thing, though, is that it’s mostly blue and not obviously rusty – perfection comes later 

Removing the rubbing strips on the Capri