This weekend was a little mixed to say the least. 

I’d been having a few issues doing the valve clearances earlier in the week, which mainly centered on a bendy spanner that didn’t fit the locknuts on the valves and a new oil spray bar fabricated by some complete muppet who had obviously never even seen a Pinto 

This is what it looked like after it got stamped to death after a very long and frustrating evening…

Pinto oil spray bar from eBay

All that was behind me though once I got a proper one from my local factors, General Traffic. It’s reassuring when you phone up asking for a Pinto oil spray bar and they immediately quote the Ford part number back to you  A couple of people have said that it’s easier to do the clearances and fit the spray bar with the carb removed, but as I’m still learning I’m trying to avoid taking mechanical bits apart unless I absolutely need to. If I’m not careful, I’d just end up with a pile of bits on the worktop with no clue what went where, get annoyed with it all and flog it off in a sulk 

Fitting the spray bar required a third hand that evolution’s not yet catered for, so I had to rely on the set of clamps I got from Aldi ages ago to hold the bar in place whilst I did up the middle retaining bolt.

Refitting the Pinto oil spray bar

With the bar on, I turned the engine over on the starter to make sure that oil was actually coming out of the spray holes over each cam lobe, then put a new gasket on the rocker cover and refitted it. At which point I noticed that I still had two bolts left over; the two retainers for each end of the spray bar Cover off, bolts on, cover back on, plugs connected, turn key … and it seems quieter. Doesn’t seem to wobble as much on its mounts either, but that could just be my imagination.

Happy that the mechanicals were done for the day, I sanded down the sides of the car where the trim strips “fell” off ready for a coat of primer. Popped into the kitchen to make a brew and then got distracted by a phone call which scuppered the rest of the weekend 

Tidying up the rubbing strip mounts on the Capri

Next jobs on the list are to finish painting the sides, squirt a bit more over any remaining primer on the body, build up the rear brakes and then give it a damn good wash … and find a GB sticker for the weekend.