The front bumper wasn’t the cheapest, but it’s in damn good condition and sets the front off nicely. It’s kind of turning into a Mk2.5 as the side rubbing strips “fell” off the other night – once I gave them a bit of assistance. The holes in the front/rear wings have been filled in and the mounting lugs on the door skin ground down, so they’re all getting a dab of filler to smooth the lot off.

Capri Mk3 side rubbing strips removed

After checking the brakes over before going down to the Classic Ford show, I knew I wanted to spend some time cleaning up the rears, as whilst they were working, they weren’t filling me with a whole lot of confidence in how much stopping power they were bringing to the party. It’s not that I wanted to fit some monster caliper setup from the space shuttle and then create a massive imbalance between front and rear, just clean up and service the cylinders and de-crud the whole lot so that what actually is there is working as best it can.

I’d thought about going with a caliper spacer kit and vented discs at the front, but until I actually run into a problem with them fading, I’m hanging fire. Throwing a (relatively) big heavy car like the Impreza round Oulton Park teaches you to be sympathetic with the stop pedal if you don’t want to be getting up close and personal with the scenery 

A few weeks ago I picked up a pair of drums and backing plates from a 2.8 that I can clean up and fit at my own leisurely pace, without rushing to get them done to get the car back on the road.

Capri 2.8i 9 nine inch rear drums brakes

After a little while with a 3M strip disc in the drill they came up rather nice and clean  … and was I glad I’d remembered to put the dust mask on before starting 

Whether it needed it or not, I thought a coat of Kurust couldn’t do any harm either.

Next stop is the paint shop to pick up some VHT paint to protect them – no idea what colour that’ll be yet as I’m just asking for the cheapest – so it could be I’ll end up with fluorescent pink The backing plates are stripped down and soaking in some vinegar and the cylinders seem to be in good order with all the rubbers intact and just need a clean up on the outside.

As I’d only popped out to the garage to get a screwdriver, I thought I’d better stop there before I got in too much trouble