This evening I had a spare hour, so I spent some time soldering the brass connectors from the 14-point multiplug onto the car loom. The best thing I can say about my soldering is that it’s secure, if a little workmanlike Luckily it’s out of sight behind the dashboard, and when you slot the doofers into the multiplug it all looks quite good

I then moved into the engine bay and took the wire from the oil pressure sender, chopped its end off, attached a new connector and hooked it over the negative side of the coil. This “spare” wire from the old oil pressure warning light will now be used as a feed for the rev counter.

As I had time, I then plugged in the 6-clock dash panel and tentatively turned the key …

Six clock dash pod in a Capri GL

We have success The rev counter’s showing revs, the handbrake warning light (bottom right) is on and the fuel gauge is showing a third of a tank Ran through all of the lights and gauges that are meant to be there and everything worked first time … well almost, the indicators did nothing until I re-attached the hazard warning switch that completes that circuit.

Still a way to go until it’s finished, but I’m pleased with how easy it was in the end There’s no wiring for the ammeter, the oil pressure pipe’s not in so there’s nothing for that gauge and the speedo’s not connected, but it showed that the clock pod worked properly and the wiring was right, so now I’ll clean the pod up, get it in and fully connected and then set to work on the refurbished dash panel


EDIT 10/04/2008:

4parajon: If I was you Stu and while you have all the clocks out/off I would look at getting better lights for the dash at night as there pants. Its something I’m going to do if I can ever be arsed to take my dash off


dangerousdave: If its the same as mk1 and mk2 escorts theres cack plastic covers around the bulb appetures, ping these off and your dash bulbs go from a dull green to a nice yellowy colour the same as your sidelights

otherwise cracking work as ever just goes to show with your work that patience is the key that most of us lack