You’re all correct and better illumination’s been part of the plan all along. It actually turns out that there was only one working bulb on the old set of clocks, so no wonder I thought it was dark anyway

After robbing Peter to pay Paul and moving bulbs about, I finally had a full working set. The dash illumination ones are at 9, 11, 1 and 3 o’clock behind little blue covers – and they sort of vaguely brighten things up in a hardly noticeable kind of way Perceived wisdom is to not just fit higher wattage bulbs, as they cause more drain on stuff and cause things to short out and have a lower lifespan … or something – look, I just remember people saying don’t do it Most likely option is to get some LED wedges to go in the dash illumination and leave the warning lamps as bulbs, as there’s no problem with them.

Capri dash pod lights

Eagle-eyed viewers may have noticed, however, that the rev counter on the new clock is for a 6-cylinder engine, as denoted by the “6” on the bottom of the gauge face. It expects six bangs per revolution at the coil, against the four bangs that the Pinto provides, causing it to under-read…

Six cylinder rev counter on Capri reads low when you

All is not lost, however, as I have a “spare” set of clocks from a 4-cylinder car, so can use the rev counter from that The circuit board on the back is shot and has fried itself a couple of times and been repaired, but it was got for spares anyway … plugging it in for a minute shows the difference in the readings…

Between the two sets of clocks then, I can now make up a full working set with a good circuit board and all the bulbs lighting up While I’m at it I’ll probably clock the speedo so that the mileage is consistent – not for anyone’s benefit, purely because I want to and it’s easy enough to do, apparently. I know that the mileage I’ve got at the moment is genuine from all the history on the car, so I’d like to keep that counter going

Right, off for tea – and thanks for the encouragement as ever


EDIT 10/04/2008:

Ratters: well done mate


merp0: Off for tea! Come on we need more “accurate gauges”.