With the house to myself today, I moved inside to work on the kitchen table in the warmth for once. For anyone who’s ever thought that the only difference between a 4-cylinder (left) and a V6 (right) tachometer was the dial face and maybe a resistor or something round the back, prepare to be surprised…

4-cylinder and V6 Capri tachometers

The inner workings of these things is fascinating – a blend of bi-metallic springs, resistors, wires and all kinds of other gubbins …

Inside the 4-cylinder Capri tachometer

Sorry Mum! It’s at this point I have to confess that I’ve now become a hardened member of the criminal community, and I’m probably being added to some kind of CIA watch list even as I type this. Please forgive me I’ve clocked a car …

Capri tachometer speedometer speedo swap

It’s remarkably easy to do, which probably explains why it was such a big deal in years gone by. Anyone that’s tempted to start tutting at the mere mention of this, please look away now…

Right, all you need to do is use a small screwdriver (mine’s a jeweller’s one) to push each barrel away from the retaining ring to its’ right, and as you do so, gently rotate the barrel away from you. Work from right to left (single miles up to tens of thousands) and take your time.

How to adjust the mileage on a Capri

Right, off to clean up the kitchen before the rozzers bash the door down


EDIT 16/04/2008:

Dave: If you prise the clip off that is to the left of the numbered bits in Stu’s pic, you can twiddle the numbers around to your hearts content.
When I insured my car they asked for the mileage. I said “zero”
They asked if I had new clocks?