After a week off from mucking about with the car, living the high life of a long weekend away in France, one’s mind naturally wanders to what the next job is going to be…

The current dash has a number of faults – primarily that there’s no trip counter (so I don’t know how far it is since the last refill), but also because the gauges are vague (and don’t give me enough to worry about ) and also the dash covering’s peeling away at the corners and really needs sorting out (see … I told you the mind wanders ).

Moving to the six clock dash of the sportier models in the Capri range will (in theory) address a number of these issues and also give me a rev counter. Because it also uses 52mm gauges for the supplementary items, it also means that any vagueness can be dealt with by swapping out for a more precise unit I much prefer a gauge that gives me a reading of, say 85 degrees, than one that’s just at the one third mark of some unknown scale. I admit, it can’t possibly enrich my life in any way to actually know that it’s 85 degrees … but that’s how my mind likes it and who am I to argue ?

So, we start with one perfectly fine looking (and functional) dash …

Capri two 2 clock dash dashboard

After a little while twiddling the screwdriver things were looking more like a typical Turbosport resto thread scene

Behind the dash of the Capri

There’s a different number of inputs between the 2 and 6 clock dash connectors and the only real source of information on the internet about the switch (that everyone always refers to) is a bit sketchy on some of the finer points of the swap. Never mind, with the old 2-clock unit out and the 6-clock unit to hand, you can make a translation map between the two, transferring over the colours of the current wires to the new connector

Mapping the connectors to replace a 2 clock dash with a 6 clock dash on the Capri

It’s at around about this point that things stop going so smoothly, however … my connectors may be different to the ones everyone else has got, but the brass contacts from the 12-port connector don’t fit the 14-port connector of the new dash This is when you realise it ain’t going to be a five minute job The brass doofers will fit into the multiplug, but they don’t “click” into place and are easily dislodged … meaning at least one would come adrift five minutes after refitting the dash The old one is at the top and the new one’s below it …

The only way to do it properly is to swap the new brass doofers onto the car loom, which means cutting the old ones off first … this is the gulp moment as you think of the words “point of no return”

At this point, frozen feet stopped play and I didn’t want to start anymore for fear of rushing and making a hash of it. Back inside and time for a reviving cuppa by the roaring fire Stay tuned folks


EDIT 09/04/2008:

Dave: A Capri driver that wants accurate clocks ????????
I thought it was all part of the fun
Best ever was spending £3.50 to fill an an empty tank (according to the guage)


4parajon: Think your starting to plough into virgin territory now Stu with wanting “accurate” clocks……its never been heard off a capri driver before

Think the car really sits and looks well now mate