Well, I managed to get down to the local garage this morning to get both the alignment on the front and my general nut tightening abilities checked out 

Good news was that my nuts are fine 

However, it seems my ability to adjust the steering rack/rods by eye is rather lacklustre  I had “about an inch of toe out” when they first checked it … now set to three millimetres of toe in  The car’s alot better at going round corners now and it doesn’t feel like I’m permanently driving on ice 

For an explanation of what “toe” is, Wikipedia has a rather dry definition, but I’m glad to see that I’ve kept the author of that piece from complaining … “It should be noted that individuals who decide to adjust their car’s static ride height, either by raising or lowering, should immediately have the car properly aligned.”

I might edit the article to also say get it checked if you take the car apart and put it back together using guesswork. the Internet and a small garage