That last TCA nut didn’t want to give up without a fight, but in the end it couldn’t compete against the combined might of the angle grinder, cold chisel and lump hammer  It’s definitely been changed since the car was built, so I’m guessing whoever did it chose to use salt water on the threads instead of copper grease for some bizarre reason 

Capri track control arm TCA nut

As the ARB chassis brackets had to come off to get the stuck threads out, they’ve got a clean up, a dose of worm poison and will then get a nice coat of chassis black. No real reason, other than it’s easy to do … and I then get to bolt shiny stuff onto the car 

Capri anti roll bar ARB chassis brackets

Was a bit surprised that the new steering rack didn’t come with new locktabs, so ordered some from Graeme at GS Escorts and just need to wait for the postman.

Found a new job to add to the list though  One of the nuts on the steering arm seemed to move as I touched it – turns out there’s a couple of mm play and the stud is just rotating freely. It’s covered in a good layer of rust and dust, so it’s been like that awhile. I’m guessing that to tighten everything up again I’ll have to take the disc, hub and backplate off to get access. 


EDIT 13/11/07 :

Dave : I can’t remember if you can get at it in situ Stu. 
Taking the hub off is easy enough, I always find the caliper a pain in the bottom.Get a bit of string when you do it and hang the caliper from the spring somewhere.
Nice time to fit some new drilled and vented discs though.  And space the caliper for them while you are at it if it isn’t already.

dangerousdave : Take the hub off and change the bolts & nuts for new with nylocks, dont really want your steering failing 

mk1matt : Looking bufty stu Nice one
And easier than trying to tie the caliper to the spring with string is to get a arc welding rod (if like me you have them lying around if only to stir paint these days) and bend it into an “s” shape