Steering rack and both track rod ends now successfully off the car – the jacking-up tip worked a treat 

Capri steering rack

Replacements are being picked up from the nice people at General Traffic tomorrow at a mere twenty quid for the rack and four quid each for the TREs 

The other nut on the TCA rose joint isn’t shifting for love nor money. Getting the steering off enabled me to rotate the strut to get a better view and it looks like the nut has bonded with the thread at a sub-atomic level, so if I get home tomorrow before the power tool curfew I’ll give it one from the angle grinder.

Another parcel turned up at work today  I like to leave them wrapped on the corner of my desk – which annoys the nosey buggers who think they have an automatic right to know what’s inside  No-one managed to guess today’s item; a radiator fan from an Escort RS Turbo…

Ford Escort RS Turbo radiator fan

A little bit of cleaning up and it’ll be right as rain