On a sad note, I heard that the old boy I got this car from passed away on Christmas Eve  Hopefully he’ll have approved of what I’m up to. R.I.P. fella…

OK, I actually feel guilty for not doing anything of late  The last few weeks have been filled with visiting friends and family, and trying to get the house purchase sorted out – pretty difficult when everyone takes 3 weeks off for Christmas 

To make it look like I’ve been doing stuff, I’ve put the headlamps back into their nice bowls, cleaned up and repainted the radiator cowl and other minor jobs that take less than an hour but make it feel like I’m actually still doing something.

The offside bowl needed a little patching, which in retrospect was probably the most inaccessible place I could have chosen for my first welds on the car  At least no-one will see it when the lights are back in…

Capri headlamp bowl patch repair

Especially not with a few coats of Hammerite to throw them off the scent 

Capri front end stripped with headlamp bowls in Hammerite

This is now hanging up in the garage getting another light coat each time I get in from work and park the car. Must be made from something other than standard Ford metal, as it didn’t appear to have rusted 

Capri radiator cover panel

I’ve now worked my way round the car marking up areas that will need panelwork, but that isn’t starting until I’ve moved house, so could be anywhere from four weeks or more away I even held back from picking up a new welder at Machine Mart’s latest VAT free day as it’d be one less thing to move house with – I must be ill 

In the meantime, I’m accumulating replacement metal with rear lower corners and valance on order from my local Hadrian agent and NOS offside wing, nearside rear quarter and bonnet (all for a bargain price) waiting to be picked up next weekend once I’ve got a van sorted.

If anyone happens to have a Ford nearside wing gathering dust and doesn’t want eBay money for it,let me know 


EDIT 12/01/07: Bleeding buggrit!! It appears that integrity is a dirty word these days  Sorted out a van to go and pick up the panels this weekend, then came into work this morning to an email telling me they’ve sold ’em to someone else – despite me having offered to pay upfront and them saying they’d hold until the end of the month. I remember when a person’s word actually meant something. Not happy …