Headlamp bowls now dealt with, for the moment, at least until I’ve got better access when I replace the front wings (did anyone say “scope creep” ??? ).

Cleaned them out with a variety of brass cups and flap wheels in the drill (gotta admit I basically just got one of everything and kept trying each one to see what happened) …

Cleaned-up Capri headlamp bowl Cleaned-up Capri headlamp bowl

… then applied the magic rust killer …

Capri headlamp bowl with Kurust Capri headlamp bowl with Kurust

… and gave it a couple of squirts of zinc primer

Capri headlamp bowl with zinc primer Capri headlamp bowl with zinc primer

Now I need to find a good local fastener merchant to get me a jumbo-sized jar of stainless bolts, sets and self-tappers in assorted sizes. I’m picturing something like an old-fashioned sweetshop with shelf after shelf of glass jars, and I ask for a couple of bags of “Mk3 Capri – mixed”  Don’t suppose it’s that simple though, so if anyone can suggest any good online variety pack suppliers it’d be most appreciated.