Rather annoyingly, I’m getting home from work too late at the moment to start cutting up bits of metal to practice with the welding … especially as the garage shares a wall with next door’s lounge 

To not lose momentum, last night I started to take apart the front end of the car to gauge how much work was needed here.

Capri front end stripped

The bolts on the outer bumper brackets didn’t want to shift for love nor money, so I’ve drenched them in Plusgas and will try again later. The front valance doesn’t look too shabby and should clean up alright, but I’m thinking more and more that new front wings will be needed.

Next concern is the headlamp bowls; both have a fair bit of deep rust and the offside has escalated to actual holes, but what I can’t work out at the moment is what tool I should use to get them back down to bare metal – the angle grinder doesn’t seem to fit  

Capri offside headlamp bowl

Capri nearside headlamp bowl

The area around the headlamp inspection panels is flakey on both sides, but looks like it should clean up and be treatable at the minute. Having said that, it’s probably one of those areas that’s a sandwich of five layers of metal and will need more work than I expect 

Capri offside headlamp bowl access hole

Capri nearside headlamp bowl access hole