Well, today didn’t turn out quite how I expected, which seems to be par for the course at the moment  Yesterday’s viewing of a house with a “detatched double garage” turned out to be a pokey workshop where the front wall was made of breezeblocks with fake doors screwed on the outside 

Started off with some general beads to get a feel for the welder and playing about with the wire speed, listening for sizzle and adjusting the power to see what’s what;

Mig weld beadsMig weld beads

On the left is the front and the reverse side is on the right (mirrored in Photoshop). I then decided to get all organised and work my way up through all the power settings running a bead for each to use as a reference, so I grabbed a fresh 1.5mm sheet and set to…

Playing with the mig welder power

Unfortunately, as soon as I set the power to 5 it tripped the circuit for the garage. And then it did it again. And again  Game over for today on the welding then, as I need to get myself a nice heavy-duty extension lead to run from the oven socket in the kitchen. Turns out that novel-writing girlfriends aren’t amused when the power goes unexpectedly 

Lacking the willpower to face B&Q on a Sunday afternoon, I attacked the rear valance with the rust remover pad on the grinder, applied Kurust, sanded it back down and then gave it a couple of coats of zinc primer. Went from this …

Capri rear valance covered in surface rust

… to this …

Capri rear valance covered in primer

Which makes me think that I might just as well get a whole replacement panel  and do that at the same time as both lower rear corners and the bottom of the wheel well.