Next on the list should have been a weekend of working on the car, but I ended up spending it driving a Transit to Newcastle twice and filling it up with house bits 

When I get the chance though, the next thing on the list will involve playing with a Mig welder 

Borrowed SIP MigMate Turbo welder and Capri

I learnt to gas weld years ago, but that was always on the understanding that the student’s would be going down the road to build ships at Camell Lairds, so thin car panels are an unknown to me. Popped down to the local steel stockholders last week and had a rummage in the skip whilst chatting to their warehouseman and came away with a load of offcuts in various thicknesses to try my hand at. 

To give me some more practice before trashing the Capri, I also picked up an early Sierra wing from a local breakers so I can cut out and replace sections and easily check both sides of the weld.

Ford Sierra MK2 R/H inner wing, for all 2WD cars including Cosworths

It seems a shame to trash an unused panel like that, but the breaker assured me they were ten a penny … 

EDIT: Turns out that it’s a Ford Sierra MK2 R/H inner wing, for all 2WD cars including Cosworths. My conscience won’t let me trash it now, so I’ll tuck it away and find something else to practice on.