It’s nice when there’s stuff in the post that’s not bills, Sky TV offers or yet another ransom note for the ex-girlfriend …

Malpassi Filter King fuel regulator and 8mm hose

One Filter King (a combined fuel filter and pressure regulator) and a couple of metres of 8mm braided fuel hose. 

After jacking the front end of the car to give me good access all round, I decided on the rear of the inner wing for mounting the filter, based upon the combined might of looking at a couple of pictures on the internet and the fact that there was empty space there  Marked up, drilled through, put some cork underneath the mounting plate to stop any abrasion, bolted up and sprayed some Waxoyl inside the wheel well.

Filter King fuel regulator mounted on Capri inner wing

Next, I worked my way round each hose replacing one at a time, especially enjoying replacing those wierd spring clamp thingines with some nice band clamps.

Filter King fuel regulator plumbed into Capri

After turning over a couple of times, the filter was half full, so I was ready to fire up the engine to test, but had to pop back into the house to get the defibrillator as I’d killed the battery  After hooking it up, I turned the key, the engine spluttered into life and nothing leaked    It’s a bit wierd actually seeing the fuel swirling around in the filter – but better that than have it squirting out of the old hoses.

Flushed with my success, I opened up the boot and deployed the official Turbosport rust/paint remover which revealed that pretty much the whole bottom of the well is full of small holes from where the water’s been sitting for years.

Capri wheel well cleaned up and ready for fresh paint

Given that fixing up anything down here will require removing the tank, my plan is to leave that for now and just give it the once over with Kurust then spray on some primer.