Seems like weeks since I’ve done anything on the car … and after looking at the thread it turns out it is  The house move’s now on for a couple of weeks away, so I’m trying to box everything up whenever I’ve got a free minute. 

To show that I’m not totally slacking on the project and give you an idea how tedious it can be debugging a customer’s web application whilst sat in a distant hotel room at 3am – here’s an old air filter that I picked up a while back for pennies;

K&N air filter for maybe a Capri or an Escort

It was described as being a K&N from “an Escort, Capri or something” – I wasn’t even convinced it was a genuine K&N, never mind if it would even fit the car! Inspired by some antiques restoration nonsense that had been on the telly that evening, I popped down to reception and nicked some Mr Muscle wipes to see if there was an old Rembrandt underneath all that muck. 

K&N air filter original sticker

I’ll eat my hat, it’s a genuine K&N! I’m sure Brasso would be more suitable for the added bling factor, but I reckon it came up a treat 

K&N air filter for Capri cleaned up

Once I got home a few days later, I popped the bonnet and wiggled it into place atop the carb and it only bloomin’ well fitted   

K&N air filter base plate on Capri Weber 32/36

All I need to do is give the filter element a damn good clean, oil it up again and screw it all together.

Coming next week … how to refurbish leaf springs in a meeting when no-one’s looking