Turned out nice 

Picked up the carbs today and I’m more than happy with the job done by Ian at CRC Restorations. I chatted it over with him beforehand and the brief was to get them functionally cleaned, rather than focus on them being cosmetically clean – after all, they’re only going to get dirty when I use the car, so I don’t personally see the need to spend extra to get them back to showroom condition. 

They went through a combination of ultrasonic cleaning and vapour blasting, primarily to remove gummed-up or caked-on fuel deposits, silt and general crap. This also freed the accelerator pump bowl cover, which was welded on by its gasket on both carbs – good job too, as apparently there was a load of shit in there, just waiting to bugger things up at some point.  Either someone hadn’t been running a fuel filter, or they had and never checked it. All of the jets and bores were cleaned, hosed down with Wurth 2040, blown through with air, checked and cleaned again if needed.

Ian also spent some time freeing up the air bleed screws, which are used to balance the airflow. By the time Dellorto were making these emissions carbs, they were balanced at the factory and sealed with either a wax filling or a cover. At some point in time, someone’s had a go at adjusting them – you could tell from the damaged screw heads. So, they were maybe balanced, maybe not, but unless the screws were sorted there’d be no way to adjust it if they weren’t already bang on. They were apparently a bit of a bugger to get out, but it was done without any damage and well worth an extra hour’s labour.

Manifold just got a turn in the vapour blast booth 

Next step will be to work out which seal or washer in the service kit goes where, as I take my time and put everything back together.