As nice as my Prodrive stainless exhaust is, the Capri’s a very different shape to the Impreza and no amount of twisting, turning and contorting would get the back box tucked up in the rear … or over the rear axle for that matter. 

When you compare it to the one I just took off the car, it’s pretty clear they’re two ever so slightly different shapes. Who’da thunk it, eh? 

Pity, as it made a nice noise and would likely outlive anything else on the car. 

Enter stage right a Sportex system with a 2″ tail pipe for less than 140 quid delivered. Given that by the time it reached me from the factory it was already scratched to buggery, I gave it a couple of coats of Halfords Very High Temperature Paint. It’s mild steel, so it’s never going to last like stainless would, but it’s priced accordingly as a consumable item, so maybe a seven quid investment in some paint will help it last an extra couple of years.

I’ve already got a 4 branch manifold that I picked up ages ago, so as it was a sunny day I hoiked it off the car, gave it a once over with the wire brush and then a couple of coats of paint that dried in no time in the morning sun. 

I asked the interwebs beforehand and the received wisdom was to either use automotive VHT or barbecue paint for this. Of course, they also said there was only a fifty/fifty chance it wouldn’t blister and flake off the first time it saw anything warmer than a toasted teacake. Time will tell I guess. 

The fitting was largely uneventful, but a complete bastard all the same – mainly as the car’s only on axle stands, so it’s tricky to get the leverage and room to twist stuff that one occasionally needs. The only major problem I’ve had is getting the joint from the centre to the back box all the way in. There’s probably about an inch or less still to go for it to be fully seated, but it just didn’t want to go in. As long as it’s not blowing I’ll leave it for the moment and let a garage have a go whenever it’s next up on some ramps.

The tail pipe’s at a rather jaunty angle too now I look at in the photo – seemed alright when I was looking at the car. Could just be the alignment of everything needs a little tweaking, it just seems like it’s a two person (or one octopus) operation. 

When all’s said and done though, it’s on the car, there don’t seem to be any problems with it and my little girl rushed out the house when I fired it up to tell me “it’s super actual shiny and really grumbly”  


freddy686868: them sportex aren’t the best fit as we fitted one to the mrs cappa and it still hits the axle but with a fair bit of fecking about it will be fine…=197950&page=4

me: Yours is tucked up way better than mine and I’m suspecting I’ve got the centre hanger on the opposite way  Looks like I need to find a little fecking around time