Among the pile of bits I’ve casually acquired over the years is this; a pair of Dellorto DHLA 40’s complete with trumpets, K&N filters, linkage and a Hiflow manifold – all for £151 from a fella about 20 miles away. If memory serves, it was one of those auctions where the seller listed it badly, with few photos, an end time in the early hours of the morning and seemingly nobody else noticed it. 

(Yep, that’s also the unleaded injection head that was kindly given to me by Dave – haven’t forgotten mate )

I’ve never had twin carbs before, I know some folk think 40s are too small, I know they’re the less desirable emissions carbs, I know there’s other ways of making more power, I know they drink petrol like there’s a never-ending supply of decomposing dinosaurs, I know it’s not just a simple case of bolting them on and away you go … but for that money I can have a play and make my own mind up, then move them on if I need to  Plus they sound good  And they look cool 

Supposedly serviced by “a specialist” just before I got them and supposedly set up to be “bang on” for an RS2000 … I’ll take both of those comments with a large bag of salt. Full genuine service kit acquired for a tenner. I can live with the patina if they’re fundamentally sound, cause an uneducated bodger will likely do more harm than good if he tries to do too much. One thing I’m wondering about though is whether an ultrasonic clean would be worthwhile for them before I do anything else, to get rid of any old fuel deposits gumming up the works in the bits I can’t get to. 

Shopping list includes some new Misab plates and doughnut washer thingummys, a throttle cable, maybe one for the choke if I can’t live without it, an oil breather setup, assorted bits & bobs, some Brasso and a clue.  More hospital time meant I had time for another of Des Hamill’s books too …

All in good time, anyways …


Toonarf: Way back in the day I fitted a pair of 40 Dellortos to my Escort fitted with a standard ex Cortina 2.0 pinto and whilst not setting the world on fire it did have the bit extra poke that you crave. Good luck with it. I still have the carbs I could never bring myself to get rid, but they have not been on a car for nearly 30 years so they may well be knackered. I remember that with my vac unit connected to number one carb at tickover you could see the unit pull the advance each time the valve opened. It ran a lot better with a fair bit more advance but with the vac unit uncoupled.