Standuino by Standa FilipIt’s a Standuino. As soon as I saw this Arduino – alike from Czech artist Standa Filip it went straight onto my mental “I need to buy that” list. Whilst I don’t mind the 15 euro price tag, I’m not too keen on the 7 euro postage charge for just one kit. Guess I’ll have to wait for a nice UK distributor to get a stock of them.

It’s your basic barebones Arduino-style setup, with sketches uploaded through an FTDI interface (like a Nanode or a Xino Basic, for example) but with loads of extra layout space for whatever you want to do. I like that there’s no concession to the “standard” Arduino Uno shield layout, though you could maybe add headers for it on the right if you wanted, so the board hasn’t been forced to look like just about every single other clone out there.

As to what I’d actually use it for if I got it …  I’m drawn to creating some kind of a Flight Of The Conchords-esque clock,  which at the best of times is admittedly way beyond my artistic ability, if not my technical. I know what I mean, even if you can’t picture it. I really like the freehand nature of the silkscreen on the PCB and reckon it’s one for showing off in a clock, in the same way that people who made really ornate grandfather clocks would leave the movements visible.

Time to stock up on some nice chunky single core wire in a variety of bright, funky colours…