So I don’t lose track of them, a few notes on getting data out of a CurrentCost CC128 energy monitor and into an Arduino. Think of it as a placeholder for a proper post…

Some folks seem to be reporting different pinouts and baud rates, but that may be because they’re not being specific about which monitor they actually have. For my CC128 v0.11; pin 4 is ground, pin 8 is data and the baud rate for the data stream is 57,600.

 If pin 1 is an unregulated voltage as the first link suggests, maybe I can use that for power on a Xino and just parasite off the back and avoid the need for an external power supply. Hmmm….

Current state of play – receiving data from the CurrentCost and outputting to an Adafruit ST7565 Graphic LCD;

CC128 testbed