The man from the Ministry … he say “yes”  Advisories on the sills and the exhaust, but they’ve been advisories for at least the previous two MOTs and are on the to-do list, so don’t bother me. 

I think the issue with the handbrake is most likely simply the cable stretching (it’s probably still the 29 year old original) combined with the self-adjusters already being at the maximum travel of their self-adjustabilitiness, but when I get a minute I’ll get the back up and have a look – but it’s low down on the priority list.

It’s funny how when you don’t go near a car for months it sulks and breaks out in dirty great rust patches  Looking over the car, just about every panel has got new bits coming through, including bits like the tailgate where I squirted some new paint on a couple of years ago. I know how the blokes on the Forth Bridge feel now  I’d love to strip the car down and repaint it properly having sorted out all the patchwork, but there’s two things stopping me at the moment; a) I’d need to rebuild the garage first and b) I don’t reckon I’m good enough/have the tolerance for sanding that’s required to do a proper job on the paint.

With the car now fully legit, it was immediately pressed into service as the most practical vehicle in the fleet for the run to the builder’s merchants. In any other car, it’s a quick trip, but this takes about two hours in the Capri as the place is full of old boys who ‘had one of them back in the day … course mine was a 2.8/3.0, etc., etc.‘ – none of them can seem to understand that I simply don’t want a V6 and that I didn’t just settle for this cos’ all the good ones had gone, but they’re nice about it, so I don’t mind 

We tried just putting standard 4.2m lengths in, but it was a little bit unsafe, so we had to cut them down slightly 

So that I can give myself stuff to aim for this year, I’m just going to jot down a small list of jobs that want doing, in the hope I can cross some of them off whilst staying within the “pocket money” constraints for the car  Let’s see, off the top of my head we’ve got;

  • Skim, build up and fit the unleaded head (kindly supplied by Dave)
  • Paint and fit the axle location kit (again, thanks to Dave)
  • New dampers all round
  • Remove all the surface rust from the sills to see if the MOT man notices next year
  • Replace exhaust
  • Get a spare tyre that’s the same size as the four on the car 
  • Fit a replacement alarm/immobiliser
  • Replace front diff seal, diff gasket, refill oil and paint axle
  • Devise some permanent fitting for the front indicators
  • Rewire the fan to a switched live
  • Find some chrome window trims, door handles and wiper arms

Should keep me busy for a few minutes here and there