The dash lights are still a success and far outshine anything a conventional bulb could provide. Took this one this evening…


I’ll be able to see how they’ve done with regards to any heat build-up issues when I take the dash apart again. 

I’ve just checked on and the lamp units I got for the dash have indeed disappeared from sale. 

 One quick email later and it turns out that they’re out of stock with “more due in a few weeks”. When they come back, you’ll be looking for “501/194/T10 New Mini Light Tower 9 x WA HB Leds BLUE“. 


The voltage regulator is playing up on this clock set, causing the temp and fuel gauges to rapidly climb all the way to the top after starting the car, then after about ten minutes coming back down to normal levels. 


 The first time it did it I was a bit worried that the engine was about to expire in a cloud of steam, especially as the electric fan wasn’t coming on cos’ there was no little blue light on the dash. Luckily it clicked in my mind that I suddenly had a lot more petrol than the day before and two was added to two successfully. 

 I’m guessing it’s a dry joint on the back of the clocks that is breaking when cold and remaking the connection when everything’s warmed up a bit.