More rain this morning, but at least most of the garage roof leaks have now been fixed  Was just out there tidying up really, and whilst admiring my recent handiwork had one of those “doh!” moments. Crouching down to look through the grille, I could see the fan, the relay and the thermostatic switch … and the noise of the rain on the roof made me think of rain and spray flying in through the grille 

After a quick shuftie round the engine bay, I decided to move the bits into the o/s front, near where the washer bottle is – out of the way of the elements. 

After wiring everything up and running the engine for a bit, it all still worked!  There’s still the issue of the minor leak from the top rad hose where the capillary wire goes though, but I’ve just seen in the catalogue that Burtons are doing the Kenlowe sealing ring as a separate product now, so I’ll get one of them to try.

Only other thing of note is that now the old viscous fan and shroud are out of the way, I think there’s a small leak or two at the bottom of the radiator. Once the coolant’s up to temperature and under pressure, there’s a faint waft of steam comes up from along the bottom of the fins, which you don’t notice when the fans there to blow it away.  I’ve got a spare rad I can swap over to though, so hopefully that one doesn’t have its’ own set of “issues”