Bastard buggering monkey jugglers! 

Which incompetent fool designed the Deflex sterring rack bushes? Have they even seen a steering rack, or did they just guess what one might look like? 

They dont even fit inside the brackets on their own – never mind when they’re wrapped around the rack  About the only way I could make them fit is if I unbolted the crossmember, put it on the bench and “finessed” everything together with a 4lb lump hammer 

Do the Superflex ones just fit without too much mucking about?


EDIT 12/12/07 :

Dave : A Little friend of mine gave me a very good tip.
Just wrap them with insulation tape to hold them on while you bolt the brackets up 

me : Been there and set fire to the t-shirt Dave  They simply don’t fit. If I can avoid throwing them over next door’s hedge when I next go out, I’ll get a photo…

Dave : Maybe there are different sized racks then, or they sent the wrong bush. 

DarthVader : Dono about those bushes but a steering rack swop is a 45min job. Before mounting anything up I get the UJ on the steering columb on first.

me : That’s about the time it’s taken so far Darth … plus an hour in the cold buggering about with the bushes  Splined shaft is already connected up to the steering column – but can’t get the brackets on and can’t even cut and re-use the old bushes (as a temporary fix) as they went back when I traded in the old rack 

dangerousdave : I had a nightmare with my deflex bushes too, wanted to pull them on with the bolts but one of the bolts would only go in cross threaded  think i ended up using g-clamps to hold the clamps over the bushes 

Failing that if they are the same size as the escort ones get yourself some of the shiny alloy solid rack mounts 

Rude Dog : Deflex are notoriously bad once you’ve been round the block with your ear to the ground (which hurts) a while. Bin em and replace with something else, anything else!!!
Thick porridge would probably do a better job and be easier to fit

me : it’s a live and learn thing, I guess. Not had any issues with any of the others, and I bought them with my eyes open, so I got what I paid for. Just trying to find someone who can get me a set of Superflex out for the weekend now…