And so begins the second year of the project  If I seem overly chuffed, it’s because I was worried I might get hacked off with it all early on and chuck in the towel after a couple of months – so to get this far is cause for celebration in my book 

But, you lot don’t want that – no, you lot want updates, pictures, questions, bizarre bodges and clearly signposted pitfalls well and truly fallen in to  I am, as ever, your humble servant…

Many months ago I “won” some wheel centres to replace the knackered black plastic ones currently adorning three corners of the car. I paid significantly less than the “shop” price if the sticker that was left on was to be believed 

Ford chromed plastic wheel centres

They were advertised as being for Capri steels but, unfortunately, when I came to put them on I ended up having to make a choice – correctly tightened wheel nuts or shiny centres 

Ford chromed plastic wheel centres not for Capri steels


Taking the black surround off meant I could get the nuts back on, but the chromy-bit doesn’t fit well enough on its own to stay in place. If anyone’s got any ideas what they’d actually fit, let me know. Still, here’s what they could have looked like…

Ford chromed plastic wheel centres but not for Capri steels

A more recent purchase was a set of polished stainless steel bullet mirrors from RatSport that I got for a knock-down price after they mis-ordered from their supplier and had a thousand pair turn up instead of the expected hundred 

RatSport polished stainless steel bullet mirrors

Fitting them is really easy – so long as you don’t want to actually see anything behind you  If you re-use the existing holes, the nearside mirror is obscured by the windscreen pillar and the offside one gives you a crick in your neck just trying to find it. So instead, I found some new mounting positions that meant I could at least see them.

I drilled out the new holes, then ran an M8 tap into one and used a set screw to give me a handy earthing point whilst I welded up the old holes.

Welding up the old door mirror holes on the Capri

Now, hands up if you’ve ever heard the old adage “Measure twice, cut once, don’t buy bloody bullet mirrors” The new front hole position is great – unless you want to put a bolt in from inside the door – at which point you discover it’s up against the curve of the inner door skin and there’s no room to turn it  At this point I just needed to get the car ready to go to North Wales the other week, so I just gave it a squirt of blue and bolted up the rear fixing on the driver’s mirror.

Capri door with new holes for bullet mirror


Notice below and to the left of the holes in the above picture there appears to be a nasty crease/dent in the door? Would you believe Ford did that?  To mount the original mirrors they got a perfectly contoured doorskin, bashed a ruddy great dent in it, fixed a strengthening plate on the other side and then attached the mirror  Next time you’re passing a Capri take a look – it’s madness…

On the course I’m doing at college, we’ve not covered the thorny subject of dent removal on double-skinned panels yet, so I went with a splosh of filler instead. I also rotated the mirror mount downwards at the front to give me a new hole away from the inner doorskin, welded up the previous hole, cut the heads off some M6 bolts to make some studs to make it easier to attach the mirror from inside the door and test fitted the whole lot a few times just to make sure.

Capri door with new holes for bullet mirror

Maybe tomorrow I’ll manage to get the filler somewhere approaching flat , a squirt of primer and a squirt of blue, then re-attach the mirrors … as I think they’ll be considered important when it comes to the MOT on Friday morning.


EDIT 11/10/07 :

mk1nurburg : yep ive got them mirrors stu and guess where i mounted mine…… yep you guessed it exactly where youve done yours.

have you mounted them yet???? its a real pain reaching up into that top corner with a spanner (well worth getting a ratchet spanner for this) and tightening them!

Dave : I don’t think you need the passenger side mirror for the MOT, as long as you have the drivers side and inside mirror.
The door mirror “must be adjustable to give a rear view”. A bit debateable with bullet mirrors. 

SAF_Capri : You definately DONT need the passenger side mirror, as i did not when i had mine MOTd awhile back.

As long as the gaitors are not split the MOT man will pass them.