Amazing as it seems, this thread is now almost a year old  Thanks for all your help and encouragement folks 

All of which means that the car’s due for an MOT . I took the opportunity at college this week to get the car up onto the ramps and have a good look around underneath, attack any surface rust on the chassis sections with a wire brush, clean up old fluid leaks and attempt to identify any problem areas that need sorting to get through the test.

Aside from the emissions which will probably be off the scale, most things looked alright to my untrained eye. Main things I saw were some leaks, which appear to be old but will no doubt need sorting though – firstly somewhere at the front of the gearbox, then at the gearbox/propshaft seal, and finally the front underside of the diff. Anyways, I cleaned them up and I’ll take another look underneath tomorrow to see if there’s any fresh leaking. 

I’m guessing that the rubber boots on the steering rack shouldn’t leak?  I wiped away some (old looking) fluid, but I’m guessing Mr MOT will want them replaced. If new boots are ten quid or so, is it easier/cheaper to just get an exchange rack for thirty quid?

Capri steering rack gaiter leak near track control arm

Whilst the car was up on the ramps, I took the opportunity to “get all David Bailey” 

Capri underside, engine, drivetrain, propshaft, exhaust and fuel tank composite

And just to illustrate the variety of cars we get turning up, the current roster includes a ’68 Mustang, an MGA, an Austin A40, a VW Corrado and a Lancia Beta Monte Carlo

1968 Ford Mustang and Austin A40



EDIT 10/10/07 : 

Dave : As far as I know, the rack gaiters only need changing if they are split.
If you have to change them it might be worth having some track rod ends in stock before hand. I nearly always bugger mine up getting them off. (I know you shouldn’t)
TRE’s are a tenner a pair.

4parajon : Think Dave is right about the gaitors Stu, they look in good nick, I would’nt be surprised to see that when you’ve been working on the engine some fluid has dripped down onto the gaitors, which is why they appear wet.
Can’t see them being more than a couple of quid each though.
Great read as always