Well, this afternoon I finished putting all the valves back into the head, checked the endfloat, set the valve clearances, refitted the cam gear, and the belt tensioner and the thermostat housing. Put on the new exhaust studs whilst it was easy to get at them and then I then gave everything a damn good clean.

Pinto head being re-assembled

After popping into B&Q the other evening, I picked up some 12mm studding and cut a couple of pieces, and filed round the ends, to act as guides for keeping the gasket in place when I refitted the head. Everything is now set to reunite head and block …

Pinto block with guides for head positioning

Feck me  The head’s bloody heavy and the Capri’s engine bay is rather wide. There must be a technique to getting the head back on, but at the moment I haven’t worked it out. I can lift the damn thing, but when I ‘m leaning over the block I’m at full stretch and haven’t got enough control to position it on the guide rods without feeling like I’m going to drop the bugger and break everything 

I’ve given up for tonight – tomorrow I’ll ask my neighbour to pop round and provide some additional muscle