Well, I finally got the front end re-assembled tonight  but the bumper’s going to have to come off again for some “adjustment” – it seems like one of the bumper irons I got is slightly bent, as the whole bumper is slightly skewiff and tight up against the bodywork on one side. Never mind, I think it looks alright for now  OK, so the indicators are held in with cable ties, but I need them attached to take it out for a spin toot-sweet if I’m to stand any chance of getting down to the CF show. 

Following the 15 mile test run, however, I noticed the nearside front wheel was really rather warm, whereas the offside one wasn’t. I couldn’t rightly say if the brakes had felt “funny” during the run as I’ve hardly driven the thing since I got it and my basis for comparison is the daily-driver Impreza  I took the wheel off and the disc, hub and caliper were hot and the lower strut was warm.  I’ll have a look in the morning to see if there’s a seized piston in the caliper or if the problem lies elsewhere.