The garage is great to work in – it means I don’t have to get absolutely everything done in an evening, I can just close the door and come back to it a few days later  Of course, it’ll be even nicer once I’ve stopped the roof leaking and had it rewired by a sparkie who actually understands the word “safe”, but they’re minor things – hats off to the guys that do a full resto on their driveway 

Speaking of electrics, I’ve got a shot somewhere of the fuse panel and the stray bit of armoured cable that comes up through the floor … but doesn’t go anywhere. We can’t even work out where the other end of it is…  Plugging things in is scary at the moment 

Garage electrics fuse board

OK, hands up anyone who remembers that K&N filter I cleaned up weeks ago.




No, well I’ve now given the filter element a damn good cleaning and re-oiling using the proper K&N kit and put it on the car. As it’s one of the taller filters though, it fouled the underbonnet soundproofing and I didn’t want to just force the bonnet down and twist the carb or something, so out came the drawing pins …

K&N air filter on a Capri checking bonnet fit

This then gave me a line to cut around where it was catching …

K&N air filter on a Capri bonnet sound proofing interference

Then I took it off the bonnet and cut out the errant wodge of horse hair. Having seen the lovely clean state of the paint under there, I didn’t want to just leave a gap, so I raided my nephew’s play box and found some foam sheet…

Which I then sewed to the inside of the soundproofing, using a complimentary emergency sewing kit I got from, I think, the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Toulouse  Putting it all back together, I can now shut the bonnet without distorting some vital piece of the engine…

K&N air filter on Capri with bonnet soundproofing cutout

Next up is to tidy up the indicators and see if there’s somewhere else I can mount them. As I believe is traditional, they’d electrolytically welded themselves onto the old (and bent)bumper, so I had to use a Dremel-style whizzy thing to grind the screw heads off.

Capri indicators removed from bumper

Now I just need to get the shank(?) of the screws out of their holes and make up some brackets to hang them off the front valance. Why? Well, 10 points if you can guess what’s in a box in my garage