Well, it’s always the way – get a new toy, spend more time at work instead of playing with the toy 

Anyways, to catch up on what’s happened since last time, I’ve;

  • discovered that the local motor factors are useless – wrong rotor arm, condenser and rocker seal
  • gunked the engine – will need another couple of go’s I think
  • changed the oil, filter, plugs, etc.
  • flushed out the coolant & backflushed the rad
  • replaced the ignition consumables and set all of their gaps (amazing how far out some of them were!)
  • bought proper tools to replace some Christmas-cracker style ones I’d got a few years ago
  • secured the loan of a mig welder from a chap at work’s brother

On Sunday, it started off quite bright, so I rolled her out of the garage and took advantage of the sun coming out for a split second.

Washed, taxed and tested Capri

Working my way round each corner, I wanted to see what the state of the brakes and suspension was and was amazed (given the way some other areas have been “left” by the previous owner) to discover that there’s more than a month’s life in the discs and pads! What wasn’t so impressive was the two and a half tons of topsoil I found in the crevices behind each wheel.

Capri front suspension and hub

Considering how much soil was in here doing nothing but retaining moisture and rotting the panels, I’m surprised there’s no wheelarch liner for these cars, or maybe there should be and it’s already rotted away ?

Capri front wheel arch

Got home from work last night all keen and opened up the rocker box to take a look at the oily bits.

Pinto head awaiting valve clearance adjustment

Clearances seem to be a way out from the Haynes on some of them, but quickly realised I’d need a bendy spanner of some sorts to get at some of the nuts, so I’ll see what I can pick up tomorrow. Spray bar is downstairs soaking in white spirit and the cover’s waiting to be gunked.

One thing that occurred to me though, should all the rocker box bolts have the same washers? Some were the split type, some were solid and graunched where they’d been forced to take the thread and some had seemingly attached themselves to the cover …