So I’m talking over a beer or two with a mate and he asks how come the car’s still up on bricks in the garage, on the basis that saying I’ve got no free time is silly because if I’ve got free time to have a beer then I’ve got free time to play with the car. Of course it’s never as easy as that, because free time at eleven o’clock at night is not much use when you want to play with power tools and still be speaking to your neighbours in the morning … but he had a point. And there was beer. And then wine. And then gin. 

My little girl’s now five and since before she was born, the car’s been sat there unloved and sulking. Thankfully the roof hasn’t blown off the garage (yet) so it’s mainly just dirty – except for pretty much wherever I’ve worked on the car before, where there’s new pitting of surface rust. So here begins the gentle process of bringing it out of hibernation, with an hour or two here and there whenever I get the opportunity. 

There’s no grand plan to which I’m working. There’s no date by which anything absolutely has to happen. We’ll just get it back on the road first and work from there. The last list of jobs that wanted doing (from 2009) still applies. You’ll not be surprised to learn I’ve made a few more lists in the meantime , but we’ll get to them in due course. I had some bits waiting to go on the car before it went into hibernation and I’ve accumulated one or two more since…

The rad cap lost its springiness and the battery lost its oomph, but apart from that, getting it fired up again was a pretty straightforward process running through electrics, plugs, oil, coolant flush and timing … and wahey, it’s breathing again, drinking its’ way through a five year old tank of fuel.