Highs and lows, eh  Today’s certainly a low 

Re-jigged a load of stuff so I could spend all day out in the garage re-stripping the wheels after my first aborted attempt at painting earlier this week, cleaned them up, masked everything off, sprayed on some black and it’s just … well, shit would be one way of describing it. A less kind way might be to say that it’s very shit 

I know I’m not expecting miracles, but it shouldn’t be coming out this bad.

This was the first attempt, earlier this week, brushing on Hammerite Smooth indoors in the warm, with two coats as thin as I could get it.

Nice sharp edges, but other than that it’s as nasty as the previous stuff that I’d just stripped off  It’s still gone on too thick and somehow it looks like brush marks have appeared when its’ dried that I couldn’t see were there when it was wet!

Stripped it all down again, masked everything up and thought … primer’s what it needs. Turns out it isn’t as once it had dried it practically flaked off as soon as a breeze passed over it 

Cleaned them back again, re-masked and just used Hammerite Smooth straight from the spray can. Three fine coats and there’s some strange bubbles appeared from nowhere and patches around the rim are kind of mottled – as though the paint’s not sticking or something. You can’t really see it in this shot, but believe me, they’re awful.

I’ve had enough – they’re going off to someone who can do the job properly, but that’s unlikely to mean they’re ready by Sunday week for the Scotch Corner meet 

Found more bastard coolant leaking too, which rounded the afternoon off nicely