Well, just like I said I would, I took the car out to college tonight – nearly didn’t make it though as I only just remembered it needed fuel as I was almost level with the garage  I’ve got to deduct one dancing banana from the previous points haul, though, as when I got to college I noticed a small leak from my old friend – the thermostat housing. I’m sure that if I was just changing the brakes, that bloody thing would take umbridge and start to leak  Best guess is that I knocked it during the mucking about trying to get the head back on, so I’ll drop the coolant tomorrow and re-seal it.

There’s a few points to be awarded to you, the readers, though  Jon gets a couple of points for being closest, whilst the two Daves get resto-geek points for recognising the cap is from a Goodridge hose set  The post is actually a longer set screw in the earthing point on the inner wing – the cap should hopefully keep it clean, which is good for jump starts from the defibrilator (cos’ I probably ought to get a new battery), or, as it was used tonight, as an earthing point for the welder 

As for the idle screw it normally does not have a spring on this type of carb and is recessed a few mm inside the carb. Use a small flat screwdriver to wind it out.

Thanks for that Tom, I’ll give it a go tomorrow.  I had to really balance my approach to traffic lights and junctions tonight, as it teeters on the edge of stalling, almost goading me