You’ll all be pleased to know that the head’s lighter when you take all the bits off it  All above suggestions duly noted, thanks.

It’s wierd, but in three days of a Bank Holiday weekend spent not really doing anything, I’ve only managed a couple of hours out in the garage. Oh well, motivation must be low 

Hadn’t noticed it when I first got the head off, but once I’d spent some time cleaning it up with the degreaser I realised that three of the waterways were blocked solid with rusted sludge  Might go some way towards explaining things seeming to run a little hot 

Pinto head with mysteriously sludged up waterways

After working away with an array of brass brushes in the drill, the head’s now looking a lot better 

Have still got to clean up the valves, lap them, re-install them, clean all the inlet side of the engine and rebuild everything – at the rate I’m going, I think that’ll be sometime after my holiday now


EDIT 29/08/07 :

dangerousdave : As for the blocked waterways, if you look at the headgasket old and new youll see theres no hole in it for water to pass through, that combined with it probably being the original headgasket would mean years of shite and sludge building up at the surface of the headgasket.

me : Ah, so the waterways don’t go down through the head and into the block? It all just swirls through the head?

dangerousdave : I guess so, dunno why they cast them and then never use them! Its the same on a xflow cos i remember thinking should i drill the holes in the headgasket!