Now that the car’s safely back home and I’ve had a bit of a break from the garage, I popped out tonight to take a look at the plugs following their first few hundred miles. They were all pretty sooty, more so on the rear ones than the front – I’m sure that means something 

More importantly though, the oil level was at the top mark on the dipstick when we left and is now at about mid-point. With the time I’d spent cleaning up the engine bay over the last few months, it was easy to see where any leaks were occurring. This one is infront of no. 1 cylinder on the nearside, and there’s another similar one around, I think, no.3 on the same side – or it could just be the base of the dipstick tube that’s leaking…

Pinto head gasket oil leak on the Capri

Any ideas as to the cause, or other things I should be checking for ???