To get me through the delay, I consoled myself with a trip to Machine Mart on one of their VAT free days and came away with (amongst other things) a new bottom cabinet to hold the ever expanding collection of tools and gadgets.

Machine Mart tool cabinet

The new bottom radiator hose arrived in the post, so I immediately rushed out to the garage, fixed it up with some new hose clips and started filling the system up with coolant. Two and a half litres later and it was dripping all over my slippers … bother!

It looks like the crusted-on gunk on the pump housing had been keeping it water tight. Not only that, but the end of the outlet hose to the heater matrix (or is it an inlet?) was split too, so rather than muck about trying to patch things up, I got a new one metre section of 16mm ID hose and a Quinton Hazell QCP2526 water pump. (The new one’s on the left, for any bears of very little brain out there )

Quinto Hazell QCP2526 water pump for 2.0 Pinto Capri

All fitted up and ready to rock and roll …

Pinto coolant system being put back together

Damn!!!! Nearly five litres in this time and there’s a leak on the thermostat housing. It looks really obvious in the flash of the photo, but you couldn’t see the fracture under the lights in the garage  I don’t know if I overtightened it at some point, if I over cleaned it somehow, if it was always like that or what – but now I just don’t care … it’s five to five on a Saturday and I’ve spent weeks trying to get this sodding thing filled with coolant !  

Cracked Pinto thermostat housing on Capri

On the off-chance, I gave GS Escorts (0151 422 8333) a ring and they couldn’t have been more helpful. Cut a housing off a scrapper and hung around for me to pick it up – they’ll be getting more business off me with that gesture.  As you can guess, it was dirty, smelly and ‘orrible, so I took it apart, gave it a bath and put the dinner on.